Magna-Truss Press System

01A V Birch Timber Engineering’s latest truss fabrication machine development. Developed for our Roof Truss customers, with space in mind.
The ergonomic design allows for all MAGNA-LOC pedestals and Jib to be packed out of the way providing a free working area when the Truss press is not in use.

A moveable electrical hoist winch positioned at the end of the Jib arm, allows for the removal of the completed truss from the pedestals and Jig system, with ease. This also provides the means for the manufactured truss to be loaded directly onto the truss trolley, in the upright position, ready for delivery.

MAGNA-LOC Pedestal

The pedestals operate using the easily switched over magnetic system – No hazardous transformers or electrical cables running across the working area, and a saving on electrical running costs. We have also added a handy tray to the back of the pedestal, designed to hold items such as nail plates. The detachable tray can be removed by the operator as necessary. The table working height is also fully adjustable, making the MAGNA-LOC System compatible with most press systems.