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Panel Master PM-1 Butterfly Table

Panel Master PM-1 has been designed to make rotating and handling timber frame and spandrel panels effectively and safely without the use of cranes or forklift trucks.

The rollers on the base of the Panel Master PM-1 receiver table are designed to hold the panel onto the receiver table. This allows the finished panel to be transported onto an AV Birch A-Framed trolley in a vertical position.

A roller feed system then allows the panel to be rolled from the Panel Master PM-1 to the trolley efficiently and safely, eliminating the need for forklifts or cranes.

The Panel Master PM-1 has been designed to conform with safety standard EN ISO 13849-1 from the outset. Controlled by a series of positioning switches and PLC software, the system identifies the positioning of each table and eliminates the risk of a table being lifted past the turnover safety point without the second table being in the full upright position.

Functional Safety to EN ISO 13849-1
The AV Birch Panel Master PM-1 utilises a centralised programmable safety controller to ensure that the control system is EN ISO 13849-1 ready.

The safety controller provides all the local safety inputs and outputs (SIO) ensuring functional safety features such as monitored hydraulic valves and transfer position interlocking of the butterfly table application.

Easily Adaptable
Standard IO can be directly connected to the Panel Master PM-1 making the control system easily adaptable to accommodate our customers varying needs and applications.
The sender table is equipped with an easy to use pneumatic clamping system designed to hold and clamp timber frame panels in position keeping the product square.

Butterfly Table

Dependable Diagnostics
Diagnostic information is provided in real time via the USB interface. This could allow remote access making fault finding more efficient and reducing down time.