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ACIES 3600-2 Double Tenoning Machine

The ACIES 3600-2 Double Tenoner Machine is designed to improve safety and efficiency in your timber facility. With an adjustable machien width to suit timber lengths from 1.8m to 3.6m, it has the flexibility to adapt to the size your clients require. The ACIES 3600-2 is a twin head, automated four axis machine, with pneumatic poduct clamping and a robust indexing chain conveyor. This high capacing double tenoner can process 450 timber lengths per hour

As safety is our main priority, the machine has an automatic timber product sensing and servo controlled movement, and a smart safety gate as well as safety emergency stop buttons accessible aroudn the machine. With a touch screen HMI, our ACIES 3600-2 is the perfect machine for any tenoning requirements.

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